our vision

Founding director's message

Two decades of work and exploration with integrity towards the vision of developing this school to a model inclusive school in Nepal, I welcome you to Surya Vinayak English Secondary School. It has always been our mission to promote Inclusive Education, and create an environment for togetherness within the diversity we have in Nepal. 

Working in this field for more than two decades was a challenging and rewarding experience; thousands of children have no access to education only because of their mental or physical disability. We, adults, do not provide them with equal opportunities although we have laws and policies in place. We live in a society where religion, race, caste, physical appearance or ability are more dominant  than their right to education, talent and qualification. Rather than respecting the inherent dignity of a human, our society is more concerned about their background and their existence. 

To sum up, we still have to invest our resources to create a better inclusive society. SVESS is an inclusive school where we count everyone. We appreciate and respect the inherent dignity and the best interest of the child for their growth with social responsiveness in their moral character. We believe that every child is special, and everyone deserves equal support and equal opportunity.

Everywhere in the world, effective inclusive education has shown positive effects, not only on children with disabilities or in need, but also on all children; they get the opportunity to work, learn and flourish together. We are always willing to help children who wish to share their dreams.

On behalf of SVESS family, I look forward to your support to fulfill our mission of inclusive education.


Suresh Kaphle, Founding Director


Surya Vinayak English Secondary School promotes academic excellence by creating an inclusive and diverse environment where all children can grow academically but also with a sense of respect, integrity, self-discipline and social responsibility.

Our goal is to make our students:

The main objective of Surya Vinayak English Secondary School is to develop students academic proficiency knowledge through various activities as well as increase their intellectual skills.

Along with the academic curriculum, classroom teaching provides an ample opportunity for all students to learn vocational and professional skills. Our teachers and staff aim to make the students ready for the professional world and for economic responsibilities.

The teaching – learning process focuses significantly on developing high morale and socially responsible good citizens who also believe in our values and practices. We want our students to become socially mature and adapt well within a complex and changing world, as society is an essential part of human life. They will learn about the importance and the value of a democratic society and become good citizens for the country.

We encourage and help our students in an environment where they develop their leadership, their creativity and their hidden talents for being a self-reliant person.


With the motto “Education is the eye of society”, the Surya Vinayak English Secondary School “where everyone counts” articulates itself around the following values:

  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Self-discipline
  • Responsibility

Our history

Surya Vinayak English Secondary School was established in 2041 B.S, located at Srijana Nagar, Bhaktapur. The school came under new management and began its journey in 2056 B.S with 19 pre-primary students. The school gradually upgraded to become a secondary school. 

At that time, even so called physically normal children were not given enough attention, care, attachment and a bonding that every child should be getting at their school level where disabled people were just below the negligence. Observing the children being segregated because of their socio-economic, physical and intellectual limitations, was the very harsh reality of our society before and it is till date. Regardless of their differences tagged by society, everyone was and is welcomed here at our school. Since the motive was inclusion, not enough support was there due to the prevalence of socio cultural thoughts of people. Not having enough support means many children are not getting the opportunity to study. Still there isn’t enough support but yes there are well wishers who have been constantly supporting us from the very beginning and because of them we are able to continue our mission.

Today we have a complete diverse family: 55% girl and 45% boy including differently abled, earthquake victims, Dalit, Underprivileged group, students representing Hindusim, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim and others. Here at this school, we accept them, guide them, and try to support them mentally, physically, and socially. Till date so many students who were dropouts from other schools, differently abled, mentally challenged, children with learning difficulties, and so many have successfully graduated from our school.

Suresh and Bina’s dream is to make this school a model school for inclusive education in the Nepali society, having both with and without disability children in an inclusive classroom.

Your CHILD's Future Starts Here.