The Surya Vinayak English Secondary School is accredited by Nepal Government’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology: our school curriculum offers all the subjects approved by the respective Government’s department. 


SVESS students automatically sit for the mandatory government examinations: Basic Level Examination (BLE) in 8th grade and Secondary Education Examination (SEE) in 10th grade.

students clubs

Making students feel and be independent is so important for their overall growth. Meaning independent, giving them a chance to discover the talent, passion, curiosity, innovation, creativity, leadership and teamwork skills that are inside themselves. So, to develop these qualities from a very young age, students here at SVESS have created clubs with different purpose, aim and vision. We have four running clubs for now which is lead by an individual classes. These student clubs organize and conduct various programmes: cultural, religious, sports or games events. The main goal is to create team spirit among the children and develop their teamwork skills.

Khusi Club was established in 2011 A.D (2068 B.S) with the aim of spreading positive energies and messages from all the events and programs they conduct every month. In Nepali, “Khushi” means feeling fortunate and showing pleasure. The club is composed of students from Grade 9, Grade 4 and from our lower Kinder-Garden.

Ekata Club 2010 A.D (2058 B.S ) with the aim of spreading the message of “Unity in Diversity” from their works and actions. To remain undivided is their major motive. In Nepali, “Ekata” is the state of being united or joined as a whole. The club is composed of students from Grade 10, Grade 5 and from our upper Kinder-Garden.

Ujyalo Club was established in 2012 A.D (2069 B.S) with the purpose of enlightenment, and spread active energies throughout school. In Nepali, “Ujyalo” means quality of giving out. The club is composed of students from Grade 7 and Grade 2.

Matribhumi Club was established in 2013 A.D (2070 B.S) with the aim of showing love, devotion and attachment towards our nation or motherland. In Nepali, Matribhumi means expressing devotion and love towards the nation. The club is composed of students from Grade 6 and Grade 1.


We believe that no child should be deprived from getting an education. We feel that our school is different from many other schools. Our school currently requests a lower tuition fee than other schools in Nepal in order to provide learning abilities to children in need. We are committed to impart education that our society needs at affordable fees. We provide full and partial scholarship for deserving students who are coming from remote areas and communities (considering economic background). We always evaluate our success in terms of student achievements and performance in different activities.

Your child's future starts here.