Our highly dedicated and experienced teachers provide student-oriented teaching, frequent monitoring and close attention for the students performance. We focus on a scheduled academic program, activity-based and play-way methods of learning. Different educational activities and innovative tools are used: project works, individual/pair/group work, presentations, workshops, seminars, field works, educational tours, audio visual programmes. In a safe and orderly environment for self discipline and self discovery, we provide regular academic assessment and psychological supervision.

With small sized classrooms we try to provide them with the opportunity to get individualized attention so that their physical, social, emotional and academic development become more concrete. We provide individual and group advice/counseling and extra coaching for students with learning difficulties.


Child-friendly environment helps to discover and nurture creative talent of the students for the betterment of the human world as well as to strengthen the moral fabric of the society and unify our multicultural society. We have an ideal and caring environment where children grow and learn independently as well as develop mentally, morally and physically. To build and sustain future generations of Nepal, we ensure the educational model provides qualitative, practical, theoretical, and vocational types of instruction.

The Surya Vinayak English Secondary School offers:

  • An up-to-date computer lab
  • A well equipped science lab
  • A well furnished library
  • An appropriate space for school compound and ground
  • An open-air auditorium
  • A multi-purpose playground (basketball, badminton, table tennis, mini futsal, martial arts…)

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are utmost important in a student’s life and considering it, we very much encourage students to be involved in all the ECA organised. In past years we have been organising numerous sports and games which includes :

  • Sports: basketball, badminton, table tennis, mini futsal, martial arts, volley-ball, kabaddi, kho-kho,…
  • Art sessions
  • Dance and music
  • Yoga, meditation and recreation
  • Excursions (recreational, cultural and educational)
  • Social work
  • Field visit
  • Student clubs

special services

  • Transportation: We provide child and disable-friendly transportation to and from the school depending on our students’ needs.
  • Food and Nutrition: Our staff takes care of providing healthy food to students.
  • Child protection and health services: We also organize regular medical clinics with pathological tests and first aid services.
  • Safety and Security: Security, cleanliness and safety are the primary concerns of our school. We take special care for these aspects.
  • Day boarding, Semi-day boarding and extended hours: This service has been designed for busy parents and for the children who need extra guidance and support.